Well geeze I just had to use the coupon I got
inside my Rhythm Kings Tourbook now didn't I?!?

What a surprise when my husband drove up a side street in Kensington
and I realized where we were! So...we entered Sticky Fingers, asked
for a table and waited about fifteen minutes...They called our name
and then we inquired about the rules and regulations...as we walked
through the entrance. "Do you have a smoking section?" we asked the
doorman....."We have a Total Smoking Policy here" was his reply....
Well!...It's about time we're not made to feel like alien undesirables!

Thank you for understanding some of us still have our Nasty Habits!

I'll always remember seeing the Tami Show
in the movie theater as a kid. What a
line-up of great musicians it had, and
many of them turned out to be all-time
favorites! The original promotional
poster from the concert brought back
so many good memories that I had to
get a shot of it before we left!
Now, let's wander around a bit and see
what else Bill has on display here...

This place is a virtual Rolling Stones Museum! Not an empty space of wall in the
joint. Everywhere you look, there's something to feast your eyes on! This is the
back wall of the restaurant, where one of Bill's favorite bass guitars is on display
amongst an array of band photos that bring back some fascinating memories.

Where shall we look next?

The staircase descends where?.........Let's have a peek....
I notice it's strangely decorated with a bald black mannequin and some of the merchandise Bill sells at the restaurant. The Andy Warhol Rolling Stones tongue on a plaque above the declining stairs, along with an oddly adorned wall of what looked to me to be a flattened out leftover party pinata.

That Thing In The Basement.....What's down there anyway?

Why the bathrooms...of course!
Oh did I say "bathrooms?!?"...sorry no bathing facilities....
All right then, the loo or cloakroom....(when a sink is also present.)
Let us be precise for our English friends....

A vending machine with "personal products" (you never can tell)....
Notice the walls of the restrooms are decorated with children's
drawings of their impressions of waitresses and waiters.
One day soon, my child's work will enrich these walls of greatness!

Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers is "Child Friendly"...and "Family Oriented!"

Yes folks, good wholesome family entertainment is provided for the "Younger Set"....
Cocktails, appetizers and Classic Rock on the sound system for us Old Far*s!

This is Balloon "Arteest" and Magician Extraodinaire John Star. Not only
can he delight the young ones with his balloon animals and illusions....
if you say the magic words to him, he'll even tell you some stories about
the old days....his younger days, when he was dating Marianne Faithfull....
before Mick and the occurrences in "that book" took place.

Of course you'll want to know about the food...In 1999, The Sunday Times Award was presented to Sticky Fingers for "Best Hambuger" and through the ten years it's been in business it has recieved other various awards. They were well deserved. The burger was all beef, no rusk (tree bark filler used in burgers), no soybean filler. Thank you! The menu is quite varied, huge sandwiches served on baps, pasta dishes, chops, steaks and full dinners. Where else could you get a chopped liver sandwich in the UK? A breath of fresh (?) air from all those watercress and cucumber sandwiches I had to endure when I lived in England. My daughter really enjoyed her Kiddie Colada as you can see below and perhaps you'll agree with my husband, there's nothing like a beer to wash down some guacamole dip at 11:30 am!

And now the "Bill"....

I guess it's only fair...Bill asks for your autograph on the check....
so he gives you his....on the "Bill."

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Bill Wyman's official website is only a Stones throw away

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Want to find out more about "Sticky Finger's" cafe?

The balloon will transport you to Bill's Offical site for the restaurant!

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