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The King Biscuit Entertainment Group has recently released on CD and DVD,
Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band - a live performance captured on his 2001 tour.
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Note: No matter how cruddy or muddy they are I consider myself lucky to have these photos of the most influential rock artists of our time joined in union. I am also grateful to Sunrise Musical Theatre for allowing me to keep my digital camera
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These pictures are from Sat 3/27/1999 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla

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"Peace Love and Bananas!"

A recollection from front center
Ringo's always fun to watch. He loves to perform and has a lot of fun doing it.
He's like a boy up there onstage, his spirit unchanged by age or time.

This '99 tour lineup of Ringo and his All-Starr Band was as if he had asked me in a dream who would be the perfect musicians to fill the bill, and then he made it so. It was the third time I had seen the All-Starrs, and this band was perfection, with the line up now consisting of Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) on keyboards , Jack Bruce (Cream) on bass, Simon Kirke (Free and Bad Company) on drums, Timmy Cappello (all around all purpose man from the "Todd Rundgren School of One Man Band Musicians") and the professor, the "Runt" himself,
Todd (Nazz, Utopia and record producer to the stars extraordinaire) Rundgren.

I have bought all these artists recordings. (Something I don't do if if won't stand the test of time) When I purchase music, generally, I am a fan of the artist for life. (Well ok, so I bought a couple of clunkers like "Silver Apples" and "Autosalvage"!? Who hasn't?) I have followed these performers careers and musical changes over the years. Unfortunately, for most of the audience present at this show, this was not the case. Though the people there knew most of the performers' songs, few knew any of their names other than Ringo Starr. I found this rather sad.

The show started (as Ringo's usually do) with the band playing the lead into It Don't Come Easy and him popping onto the stage just in time to sing the first line of the lyrics. As I recall, during the night he also performed Boys, Act Naturally, Back Off Boogaloo, I'm The Greatest (to which Jack Bruce and Todd Rundgren choreograped a quick June Taylor Dancer's routine), Photograph, I Wanna Be Your Man, Love Me Do, The No No Song and his ever popular sing along to Yellow Submarine.

So much was going on up there on that stage. My ears and eyes were getting the workout of their life. My vision seemed to split in half and go all Olive Oyl cartooney trying to watch Ringo and Simon drum in unison to Gary Brooker's Whiskey Train. Though I did kind of miss the late Procol Harum drummer BJ Wilson's cowbell clunking on it. (I have noticed Ringo never uses them and I don't think he likes cowbells.) There was plenty of action grinding out between these two drummers, with their two different styles, running a perfect percussion machine. It irked me a bit when Gary opened with one of his more quiet, thought provoking pieces, A Salty Dog and I had to tell the ignorant blabbermouths beside me (who felt he wasn't rocking out enough for them at the moment) to "Shut Up!"..Nurse Ratchet style. I noticed a nod from Simon Kirke above. But then, Procol Harum's appeal has always been for the more intellectual music fan.

Jack Bruce, one of the most identifiable strong tenors of rock music got a standing ovation when he cranked out the first few famous notes of Sunshine Of Your Love on his big fat jazz bass, as he stomped across the stage like a Clydesdale. He also did Cream's early hit I Feel Free Todd helped with the falsettos as the boys all backed up the vocal harmonies. Todd found it amusing as he played a solo right over our heads that my nine year old daughter was sleeping through it in the chair all cozy below him. For Jack's White Room, Todd celebrated the song by dusting the cobwebs off on his wah-wah pedal and having some fun with it. Ringo joked with the crowd revealing that Todd was telling everyone that Timmy Cappello had the biggest chest of all of them. For almost 14 years Timmy has been a key member of Tina Turner's band, arranging, playing saxophone, keyboards and percussion and has done session work with Peter Gabriel, Eric Carmen, and Carly Simon. He is also a TV and movie actor and has his own band "The Ken Dolls". What really impressed me about Cappello (other than his musical versatility) was when he sat at the base of the stage playing his sax solo with a leg lock around the neck of one of the theater's security men seated directly under him. A captive, captivated audience!

Rundgren came out later on in the evening with his snare, cymbals and sticks ready to Bang The Drum All Day and perk up the worked to bring them around, but a few still didn't quite understand his native Hawaiian attire, his Dorothy L' Amour sarong and bare feet. He's never taken himself (or anything else) too seriously, yet his compositions can be very serious, hitting you at the base of your emotions. He also did a live action version of Hammer In My Heart, and a sweet combination of his original musical arrangement with a Bosa Nova'ed vocal "Twist" on his
I Saw The Light.
Absolutely nobody can bash a drum set with as much conviction and toughness as Simon Kirke. When he needs to, he can even do a pretty good Paul Rodgers (Free and Bad Company's lead vocalist) imitation. He's an ageless wonder thrilling the crowd with All Right Now a song from his first band Free....and also the Bad Company hit Shooting Star...." and all the world will love you just as long as you are".....

Bravo! Bravo!...and Ringo and the boys were back for their encore. They did one of his biggest hits, the Johnny Burnett tuneYou're Sixteen...and of course his signature song With A Little Help From My Friends....and then Todd slapped me ten and they were off to their last tour date of 1999. A perfect band and the best performance of live rock I have witnessed to date. My advice: don't miss Ringo's All-Starr Band's next tour or any of these musicians solo!

A rare shot from Ringo's 1997 tour, Jack Bruce at the keyboards performing his
Theme From An Imaginary Western

As we were exiting the auditorium DJ from Magic 102.7 Joe Johnson, said "Let's hear from the lady in leopard in the front row" and propped a mike in front of me. He was unaware that some years back, I was also a DJ and music director of a local station in the south Florida market. I never told him either, especially after I said the wrong station's call letters and he had to recut the tape! He used it just the same, and he got me for free! Such a deal....If you would like to hear the promo again press reload on your toolbar.




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